3 Skulls RPG

3 Skulls RPG 1

An adventure game where you fit monsters in dungeons

3 Skulls RPG is an adventure game where you go out to war to fight monsters. The game has an open ended plot which means you can choose to follow the set path of the game or go out on your own exploring the world you are in and its secrets. 3 Skulls RPG has more than 2700 different rooms, and it has the use of an auto-map which makes moving around in the dungeons easier. There is also a huge area of thick forest to explore. You will find 40 different types of monsters that you'll have to fight and conquer. 3 Skulls RPG has 1 village, 1 town and travelling merchants. In these places you can buy and trade your valuables. The game will randomly generate combat encounters and has an open ending. The King needs your help in protecting his people and his kingdom, will you step up and come to the rescue?

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